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10th January 2010

cherryfox7:59pm: Tokyo Mew Mew Sales Post
I'm selling a bunch of items and will probably add more later. If you're interested, please check:

Tokyo Mew Mew Sales Post


28th December 2008

cherryfox8:07pm: Ichigo Ichiban! - Zoey Art/Creativity Contest

I am having a contest over at my website/DA and I'd like to see a few more entries.

Basically all you do is come up with something creative that represents Zoey - whether this be art, poetry, fanfiction, a skit, food, or something entirely different is up to you. There will be one winner and that person will receive (in the mail) some Japanese Mew Mew Power (Tokyo Mew Mew) goodies including a Zoey-themed Japanese trading card game deck, a postcard, address book, and whatever else I can round up. If this sounds at all interesting to you, please enter! There is no limit to how many entries you can submit. It'll be a lot of fun, and if all goes well I'd love to do this again in the future!

You can find more details and the rules at: [ Mew Project Network ]

Deadline: Jan. 31, 2009

16th October 2008

hikaristar0077:29pm: new
heyguys i am new here sohello

the name is hikaristar007

ilove tokyo mew mew

27th June 2006

isteillia6:52pm: hi...just joined...a big fan of tmm, but had a question of the mods... is it alright if I list my ebay auction here? i am selling my tmm manga...wanted to get an okay before doing so...

edit: got the okay, so here it is: vol 1-6 of tmm!!=^_^=

19th January 2006

sit_boy_12:09pm: Hey guys I have a real problem. I figured talking to fellow Mew Mew Power fans would probably be the way to go.
Oki, I have no idea which of the following ships to go for:
and even possibly
It's more the first two that I can't pick from but i think I'm going for the first more likely. Anyways, what are your guys thoughts?

15th December 2005

donkeykongsong10:05am: Disregard my previous report
A special double airing of Magical DoReMi will air on the 24th, and Mew Mew Power will return on the 31st, but it will start over with episode 14. I guess 4Kids is trying to prolonge the series, I hear they only got to ep 26.


12th December 2005

masteral5:55pm: Whoops!
Sorry I didnt notice the last entry about it coming back.
masteral5:50pm: EDITED!!!

9th December 2005

donkeykongsong7:09pm: Back on 4Kids December 24!
8:00 - Mew Mew Power
8:30 - Magical DoReMi
9:00 - Bratz
9:30 - Winx Club
10:00 - Winx Club
10:30 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
11:00 - Sonic X
11:30 - G.I. Joe: Sigma 6


14th November 2005

donkeykongsong7:07am: Removed from the 4Kids schedule
8:00 - Magical DoReMi
8:30 - Winx Club
9:00 - Bratz
9:30 - Winx Club
10:00 - Bratz
10:30 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
11:00 - Sonic X
11:30 - G.I. Joe: Sigma 6


30th October 2005

donkeykongsong11:47am: Two more bars

Ryo Shirogane/Elliot Grant is LoveCollapse )

Keiichiro Akasaka/Wesley Coolridge is LoveCollapse )


3rd September 2005

raimuchan12:53pm: New episodes...?
If a post like this has already been made, please delete this. o.o;;

I'm guessing that new episodes are airing next week. I'm only watching them to see what 4Kid has done to one of my favourite anime series. >> I also want to hear what "Sardon"'s dub voice is like.

Oh, but that's just random babble... O.o
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16th August 2005

3vil_chick_lol8:48pm: Colorbars!!
Since my computer came back from fixing I went a little...errr...colorbar crazy ^.^ So I now present to you...20 new colorbars! -squee-

-Corina with anime pics [2 versions]
-Corina with manga pics
-Berry [2 versions]
-Mew Mew Power anime [2 versions]
-Tokyo Mew Mew manga [2 versions]

Click to see ^.^Collapse )

15th August 2005

donkeykongsong8:28am: Update
Sorry I haven't been posting lately, with the show not airing new eps.

Just to say new episodes restart September 10, and I WILL be posting more about them (no What's New Scooby-Doo? to interrupt me this time ^^) and my speculatory 4Kids schedule looks like this: All that's confirmed is Magical DoReMi will be at 8:00 AM and the first 2 hours will be a "girls block" and the last 2 will be an "action block"

8:00 - Magical DoReMi
8:30 - Mew Mew Power
9:00 - Winx Club
9:30 - Bratz
10:00 - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2003)
10:30 - One Piece
11:00 - Sonic X
11:30 - G.I. Joe: Sigma 6

~*Matty the Great*~

24th July 2005

donkeykongsong7:22pm: Mew Mew Style, Mew Mew Grace, Mew Mew Icons In Your Face!
They're basically the same, but I changed the names to fit whichever you're suitable with - the Japanese series, the comic, or the American series.

[5] Mew Mew animationsCollapse )

[33] Mew Mew stillsCollapse )

Enjoy! Please comment and credit before taking!

~*Matty the Great*~

12th June 2005

masteral12:10pm: The truth

Contains all the info on the original and the dub episodes.
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8th June 2005

masteral11:21pm: MEW MEW FORM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*plays some dramatic theme song while transforming*

Mew Mew Style, Mew Mew Grace, Mew Mew Power in Your Face! Heh more like "NYAA Im gonna KEEL Nyu!!" XDD. OK enough with this, ok so yeah the show apparently POSESSED me into liking it so...here I am.


Well..........arnt you gonna leave a comment?

NOTE: Im just being silly. You dont really need to leave a comment.
Current Mood: crazy

22nd May 2005

donkeykongsong7:13pm: Misunderstanding
Some unregistered person thinks I "ruined" Tokyo Mew Mew and I work for 4Kids Entertainment w/what I said in the intro. I must say this:

I don't work for 4Kids Entertainment, LOL. There is this website called TV Tome at http://www.tvtome.com where people make episode and information guides on shows. An "editor" for a show is someone who adds most of the info for that show and can manipulate the episode guide. My screenname is 4KidsTVMasterMatty because a large amount of the shows I edit are or were on 4Kids TV (Mew Mew Power, Winx Club, Sonic X, One Piece, Shaman King, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, F-Zero: GP Legend, The Cramp Twins, Alien Racers, Funky Cops, Cubix, and Incredible Crash Dummies). I am in no way affiliated with 4Kids Entertainment, 20th Century FOX, or any company involved with these shows.

And I said, NO 4KIDS BASHING IN THIS COMMUNITY!!!! If you want to bash 4Kids, go to [info]4bastards


19th May 2005

sleepingsun10:01pm: Banner Thingy
A very long time ago I made a Mew Mew banner thingy,its kinda like a colorbar but a little different,I decided to post it here if anyone wants to put it in their profile ^^

Banner Behind The Cut!Collapse )
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16th May 2005

donkeykongsong3:15pm: Talkback thread
So far, the series is doing good in my opinion. It's one of my favorite shows ever, though I have not watched (but taped) the latest episode. Next week, they will re-show "The Main Mew's Muse" and air repeats for those who missed it (I missed the first episode and "Spa Blahs!", was watching What's New Scooby-Doo? instead, and I still have "The Lion Thing" on tape but didn't watch it, and I think another one).

So who's your favorite Mew Mew? Mine's Kikki Benjamin/Pudding Fong, I love monkeys, I grew up with monkeys with things like Donkey Kong and Curious George (Lori knows what I'm talking about ^_~)

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11th May 2005

corkaremonflora9:13pm: hey
new member here! i'm sure matt knows who i am! *hugs and kisses matt*

donkeykongsong7:26am: Colorbar:
Mew Mew Power is LoveCollapse )

Any more colorbar requests? Just ask :-)


2nd May 2005

donkeykongsong7:09am: New community!
My name is Matt, also known as 4KidsTVMasterMatty if you know me from TV Tome as the editor for the show "Mew Mew Power". I started this community b/c I can't find a good "Mew Mew Power" community for guys and girls, so I made this. You can join if you like the original version too, but as long as you don't bash the dub!

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