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Some unregistered person thinks I "ruined" Tokyo Mew Mew and I work for 4Kids Entertainment w/what I said in the intro. I must say this:

I don't work for 4Kids Entertainment, LOL. There is this website called TV Tome at http://www.tvtome.com where people make episode and information guides on shows. An "editor" for a show is someone who adds most of the info for that show and can manipulate the episode guide. My screenname is 4KidsTVMasterMatty because a large amount of the shows I edit are or were on 4Kids TV (Mew Mew Power, Winx Club, Sonic X, One Piece, Shaman King, Kirby: Right Back at Ya!, F-Zero: GP Legend, The Cramp Twins, Alien Racers, Funky Cops, Cubix, and Incredible Crash Dummies). I am in no way affiliated with 4Kids Entertainment, 20th Century FOX, or any company involved with these shows.

And I said, NO 4KIDS BASHING IN THIS COMMUNITY!!!! If you want to bash 4Kids, go to [info]4bastards

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